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Terms and Conditions

  1. Number of books borrowed shall be as per membership plan
  2. Reading period – 15 days for book(s). Extend the validity period for a maximum 15 days. The validity is proposed so as to enable the other members to have access to the book.
  3. Late Fee for the delay in exchange of books – Any delay in return of books after 30 days will be charged a late fee of Rs.5/- per day per book. Members are encouraged to return books within the proposed timeline. Books can be kept maximum for 30 days.
  4. Renewal of Subscription – Subscription fee should be paid latest 15 days before the end of subscription.
  5. Loss or damage of book – In case of loss or damage of book, it will be the responsibility of the member to pay full value of the book as per current MRP or same shall be deducted from the security deposit / advance fees paid
  6. New Book Request – You can send request on through your login page or alternatively on Whats app 7219036745 with Title, Author and your Membership ID. We will make best of efforts to fulfil the request. The books may take 15 – 30 days for arrival, if available for purchase. You will be intimated as soon as the requested book arrives in the Library. The library shall reserve the right to procure the books which are costly (More than Rs.1000/-)
  7. Change of Membership Plan – If you wish to change the membership plan kindly intimate accordingly.
  8. Cancellation Policy – If you wish to cancel the membership, you may do so any time and thecharges for period of use of services shall be deducted on pro-rata basis for number months. The security deposit, if any, shall be refunded upon cancellation after deducting charges. Members should ensure that all the books are returned back on the day of cancellation. The date of cancellation shall be the day when all books are returned. For any grievance please speak to us on 7219036745.
  9. Gap in membership – Member can take gap in membership and not pay Subscription fee only when all the books are returned and inform that they are taking GAP.
  10. Holidays – Holidays calendar shall be circulated in advance. Any additional holiday or emergency closure shall be intimated via SMS / whatsapp to all the members to avoid inconvenience. Kindly save the library number to get the broadcast messages.
  11. Change of Rules – All rights to change these rules will be with Multicity Library.
  12. Feedback – Your feedback good as well as for improvisation is important for us

All rules are in the best interest of the members and ensure equal access to books for all members.

Kindly call / WhatsApp us for queries/home delivery/grievances/feedback on

Mobile number 7219036745

Visit us at

Multi City Library

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