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About Us

Library for Home Delivery of Books

Multicity Library, equipped with more than 15,000 books in Marathi and English languages. We have a collection of books for parental reading for small kids, for children as well as for young adults. We are equipped with books of all popular authors and titles. We are known for getting books that our readers want to read! Set up as an initiative for making books available for reading for all age groups, we also have 15 – 20 magazines subscription for our members. Moreover, wish for a magazine and you shall surely get the same! Truly a Public Library – we welcome members, regardless of circumstances and economic background. Everybody has equal access to the magic of books.

Our Mission

  • Inculcate reading habits in children

  • Rekindle the hobby of reading

Multi City Library

Rent books from us for a fraction of the cost, and we'll deliver them right to your door.